Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This stinks

Have you ever cleaned your house for two days straight only to have it look worse than it did when you started in thanks to a party at your house? I'm talking a two-hour family birthday party for two little boys, not a wild all night get your freak on kegger party (the second of which I have unfortunately never had nor attended that I recall).

Have you ever walked from room to room trying to reclean what you have just recently cleaned wondering the entire time what that funky smell is that seemingly has permeated every inch of your living space.

Have you ever come to the stark realization that you haven't taken a shower in two days and that it is you who is fogging up the windows with your stank?

Not your sweaty, nasty husband (who has some kind of obnoxious balding head oil that can burn holes in pillow cases).

Not your gritty, farting 8 year old (who in fact did exclaim "Here comes my birthday fart!" before his puny release of gas.)

Not your slimy, sticky 4 year old (who seems to prefer wearing heavy urine soaked diapers).

But YOU!?!?! Yes you, the mom. The mom who resolved to have her teeth brushed, face washed, and body bathed before breakfast. The mom who is cleaning at 1PM, who stinks but hasn't had breakfast yet, so technically is still on course to meet her resolution. The mom who decides to blog about it rather than eat or shower.

Tis my life.


Stimey said...

Um. Yeah. Like every day. :)

It's such a bummer to clean and clean for a party, and then have it be clean for exactly 46 minutes until your partygoers rampage through and destroy all your hard work.

Pegster said...

Wow, a birthday fart. awesome. Lets talk about this lack of kegger bit. really? And thirdly, I didn't go to your stinkin party. Don't you like me best???

KC's Blog said...

Yes, yes, yes, this post reminds me of myself! I totally relate! I am always making sure this and that gets done that I tend to let myself go.
Yep, I clean and clean this house and in two seconds it looks like a cyclone went through it with no mercy. My littlest can destroy in a matter of seconds, it's unreal.

Ange said...

I've probably been to keg party in college, but very few, and I never drank much if at all. I never in fact saw a keg. Once I saw a trough with blue liquid and fish. And people were drinking out of it. But that's the closest I came to that stuff. And dear Piggy, if you would've been there, it would've been a PAR-TAY!

And for anyone who areas. My house is a mess for the fourth time this week, with semi-clean bouts in between.