Thursday, January 10, 2008

Favorite Conversations

Two of my new favorite conversations with Bubba happened just now, one right after the other.

Conversation 1

Bubba: Where's [Moosie]?

Me: At school. Why?

Bubba: Because I want him here.

Me: Why?

Bubba: Because I love him.

Conversation 2

Bubba: What's that noise?

Me: What noise?

Bubba: The one I just heeered.


Kelley said...

sigh. I love those moments. And now you have them forever cause you blogged it!

I always think I will remember but I don't.

Stimey said...

"Because I love him..."

Oh, what a sweetie. Next time they're trying to murder each other over some toy, try to remind him of that.

Ange said...

as these things tend to turn out, Moosie and Bubba were doing their best at sibling torture 15 minutes after Moosie got home. AFter the 2nd hour of yelling, screaming, instigating, hitting, more screaming, not sharing, etc. I reminded Bubba of what he said. His response? Between snarled lips in a low slurred voiced "It was just a JOKE mom." I know the truth though. You must really love somebody if you bug the shit out of eachother. It works for me and Hubby. Usually. *shrug*

Pegster said...

You bug the shit out of me

Ange said...

Oh I love you too dear Piggy. I'm thinking of making the lemon tart thing this weekend. I need a pucker.