Friday, January 18, 2008

The novelty of potatoes

As I was preparing dinner, trying to ignore the screaming and nagging hovering around me, one of Maddy's posts from Whitterer on Autism came to mind.

I'm making mashed potatoes, and while I couldn't justify giving Bubba a potato peeler and stand him next to his brother, I certainly could let him and Moose "scrub" the potatoes.

So that's what I did. And they loved it. And I loved it (especially the part where I made Hubby clean up the unsurprising pool of water).

For a good time, just add water.


Stimey said...

One of my volunteer positions involves checking a voicemail account and retuning calls every day. So after lunch I let Quinn wash his hands for 20 minutes in the kitchen sink while I make calls. Honestly, he'd probably stand there for an hour.

Ange said...

yes, water is our friend. both boys can be occupied by a water faucet for a long, long time. However, Moose would prefer to be dipped in hot oil over a swimming pool any day.

Casdok said...

Nice to hear you have your hubby well trained!!

kelley said...

Awww so cute. Boo would just scream at me 'I no eat that' the whole time.

andrea said...

If you really want fun, then buy a manual eggbeater (the thing with the handle you turn to rotate the gears to spin the beaters). It's fab fun, especially if you put the kids out on the back patio (in their bathing suits) with a bowl of water amended with a squirt of dish soap!