Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday Night's Post

How I know today is just a day that needs to be over:

1) The burning pain in my chest radiating toward the part of my shoulder blades begging for a massage I will never get.

2) The fact that I am repressing various cuss words from piercing my children's selfish little ears (assuming that they would even hear them, which is really a stretch at this point).

3) Knowing I have reached the point of threatening to toss all of the action figures, knights, and star wars guys into the furnace. I have cool little baskets that hold them all, but the boys demand that the figures make the best "garbage" for their trash trucks to haul (and dump out and leave in multiple Lego-like piles all over the house).

4) The boys have been feeding off each other so much this afternoon and evening that Hubby proclaimed, "It would be just fine if [Moosie] would learn how to play by himself!" (Um, you mean the one who refused to do anything but "play" by himself until this year and was diagnosed with autism?)

5) I want to tell Moosie to shut the F up! (Yes, I mean the kid who was pretty much nonverbal this time last year.)

6) Because my kitchen and living room are actually clean now, and I know if the day doesn't end right now, it will look like I never touched them by the time tomorrow comes.

7) Because I have no patience for the fact that Bubba wants to take two huge toys for his "star performer" day at school tomorrow. They have to be things that have moving wheels he tells me. Since his toys with "moving wheels" (battery operated) are HUGE, his wish conflicts with the teacher's rule that it has to fit in his bookbag. I spent the required 55 minutes alternating between trying to force the garbage truck and excavator in his bookbag and rocking with Bubba in the recliner trying to explain that I can't magically make the toys smaller.

8) Because tomorrow is a new day and I can return to being a momma instead of a bitch.


Casdok said...

Hope the blog rant helped a bit!
Hope tomorrow is that new day!

Anonymous said...

You are human. You can only keep that battery and patience running for so long. Every day i have to tell myself "today is a new day". It helps for the first few hours and then I fall back into those same feelings. "Tis my life"- perfect for you :) -sister

Niksmom said...

Oh, were we living parallel lives yesterday? Well, okay, with some differences but the feelings were soooo the same! LOL

Hope today is a better day. TGIF!