Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Damn You Rachel Ray

Since I had already bought the stuff to make it (what else am I going to do with pancetta?), and Hubby was off work today, I took a chance on one of Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals. It was chicken sausage burgers with onion BBQ sauce or something like that. I couldn't figure out where the sausage part came in until I tried to make Bubba and Moosie eat some of the finished product sans sauce and suddenly remembered the potency of fennel seed (which the recipe said to "lightly toast" and the best I could do was toast it on a dry skillet).

It took us an hour or so. Hubby made the ground chicken I had prepared into patties and cooked them while I worked on finishing the sauce, cutting tomatoes, and "preparing the sides" (can of green beans and jar of apple sauce). We both agreed that it took nearly 30 minutes just to get all of the ingredients on the counter and cut up! I found the recipe online and looks like we weren't too behind the curve there. Apparently her idea of "easy" is a little different than mine. I bet she didn't burn the onion mixture either. Bee-ahtch!

But it did taste good. Though Hubby and I both went to the gym today after a... ummmmm.... holiday break, so I think dirty sweat socks would have tasted good since we were starving. And since I put things away as I went, my kitchen isn't a complete disaster like last time. Never mind the homemade playdoh on the floor or the yogurt drink that was dumped oh maybe yesterday?

I am apparently not as bitter as some people. But I bought the damn cookbook, so I'll be making more 'easy' [difficult] 30 minute [times 2] meals in the near future.

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Stimey said...

I bought a Rachel Ray cookbook that claims to be easy, quick meals that my kids will eat. In fact, on the back she GUARANTEES that they will eat. I may have to chase her down for a refund. I have a feeling Jack will not be eating any of those recipes. That is if I ever get around to cooking any of them.