Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Autism Every Day

Watch this movie, if you haven't yet. Form your own opinion of course, but mine is below in the feedback I emailed to Autism Speaks.

While I appreciate the point that autism changes a family’s life, this movie gave me a feeling of devastation and hopelessness as opposed to appealing for support and understanding. As a mother of two children on the spectrum, I would never speak about my children’s neurodisabilities in front of them in such a heart-wrenching, discouraging way...nor would I want them to be exposed to any predetermined expectations of what they won’t achieve in their lives. No parent has any right to set limits on a child with or without disability.

How we as parents ‘deal with’ our children’s autism should not determine their worth as human beings. I’m much more concerned about the message I’m sending to my children than one I’m sending to an onlooker. As I tell my family and friends, support our family, try to understand our family, but don’t pity our family.

We have bad days…some days are really really bad. We have good days…some days are really really good. Yes I left my career, my life has changed, priorities have changed, my marriage has been through hell and back, etc. But my most difficult struggle is supporting and helping my children without trying to “fix” them. I haven’t given up my life for my children, I have instead discovered what life is really about.

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