Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Knack

Bubba has always interacted with 'stuff.' He loves making things happen (at least this is my interpretation). Whatever his intent, he is excited by the consequences. I've been telling dad this for years.

My dad is an engineer. His basement (workshop) is like a hamfest or a surplus electronics store. I am not's complete with equipment stacked upon equipment and parts (maybe some even functional as is) hanging out of cardboard boxes. Since this is where my dad spends much of his "at-home" time, this is where we spend a lot of our time when we visit.

Bubba, not having the best impulse control and having the above mentioned love of stuff, can hardly keep his hands off of grandpa's stuff. For years I've been telling dad to make some work bench type thing for him to play with batteries and whirly gigs and lightbulbs and 'stuff' so he can safely 'make stuff happen.'

We gave Bubba an electricity kit for Christmas and he brought it over there last week. My dad was apparently amazed at how Bubba intently lost himself in making things happen. He had motivation and desire. More importantly, he had stuff! And, now, according to my dad, Bubba has "the knack."

Thanks dad, for sharing.

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