Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Karma shit

So apparently I am the recipient of Karma shit. After my last shit post, karma literally bit me in the ass and I have been suffering with one type of shittiness after another all day. I'll spare you the details.

Of course I am one of those rare people who gains weight on a day where I have eaten nothing and have set much, um, stuff free. Of course I'm also one of those people who thinks when I feel this shitty (ha ha ha), I should eat ice cream to make myself feel better, even though it'll torture me in the end (jeez, I can't escape the bad puns!). Whatever.

Most frustrating is that I lost out on 3 good, motivated work hours this morning, which requires me to steal from my shrinking surplus of unmotivated work hours tonight (I already used up 3 this afternoon).

Tomorrow is the day we are trekking to the state capitol to do some advocating. The boys and I have to be ready by 7am. This should be interesting! Especially since Hubby took the boys to my dad's house so I can work tonight, and with our luck, the boys will be in bed by 10, but not asleep until midnight. Again, whatever. I'll worry about that tomorrow-ish.


Anonymous said...

you sound bitter. all these comments about excrement are a bit much too.
maybe you should call a friend and talk to him when you feel this bad. he would probably have something witty to say to brighten your day.

Ange said...

Nope, not bitter, just acidic. I am discussing actual physical shit in this post, not metaphorical shit. Well, maybe not, as maybe the metaphorical shit is stressing me out and causing the physical shit. Really, I think I just like saying "shit," which makes me hope no younger readers are reading this shit.