Tuesday, February 20, 2007

They're Animals!

Since the weather was warming up, we went to the zoo on President's Day. Bubba was a little peeved that we didn't have time to make a birthday cake for the presidents.

Later we retraced our steps on the zoo map, Bubba wielding the big black marker that I luckily didn't regret giving to him! I was impressed with his ability to recognize the symbols of the animals and locate them on the map. Moosie of course had to mark up his map as well, so we just practiced animal signs.

Bubba and the roach (and the mysterious pink coat). Bubba loves the insectarium.

Bubba and the seals (and the mysterious pink coat). I didn't take a picture of him trying to hurdle the stone wall and apply a recent lesson on liquid vs. solid. To be fair, the half-frozen, snow-covered pond was misleading.

Moosie doing his version of the sign for "bear." He was pretty tickled by the polar bear playing with the big yellow ball.

Bubba and Moosie calling to the Zebras to come closer.

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