Friday, February 9, 2007

State Capitol

We made it to the state capitol and back without physical injury.

Bubba was most impressed by the museum at the main level and by the rotunda.

He was disappointed that he didn't get to meet the governor, but I did show them where "the governor works."

Me and Moosie, along with some friends, were introduced to the state Senate from the visitor's gallery as guests while Bubba stayed with other friends at the Autism rally in the rotunda. Me and Moosie also visited our house representative. It was not a good sign when he questioned "Don't they send those kids to XXXX?" I mentioned the importance of all children being included in the community as they will grow up to be adults in the community; and all children deserve the opportunity to foster relationships and natural supports in the community....yada yada yada. I might have as well been saying "yada yada yada." That discussion was pretty rough.

Afterwords, I suggested to our group to have a photo taken in front of the building. This idea was short lived, as in the second it took me to get out my camera, Bubba was up the stairs and around the pillars where there is a substantial drop off. And each time we would reach him he would go up even more stairs. Later he told me that he was scared of going down the stairs. I'm guessing then, logically, the only other option was to continue to go UP the stairs. I didn't take the below picture, but you get an idea of how many stairs there are, and you get the idea of trekking up after Bubba with Moosie in tow.

The short adventure ended with me then having to escort a peeved, tantruming Bubba back to where we parked. Yeah, it was fun. And another member of the group would poke fun at me and say "Wow, you're a really bad parent." (Joking with me as this is a comment I hear or feel often as a parent of a child who can't self-regulate.)

Surprisingly, I hope to go up there again when daddy can go with us. I think he and the boys would enjoy spending more time in the museum and on the capitol grounds.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe some on would even joke about you being a bad parent ... unless maybe you are a bad parent just pretending to be a nice lady with two special needs kids and a great husband and very supportive friends who offer spy cameras and never bring them over. (opps)